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because he has, there is an $11 million lien that he is not paying his taxes. there may be questionable contributions gip on >> kimberly: there are e-mails posted and they may corroborate the information given from the e-mail to tip tipster. >> dana: i am just listening. i'm cautious when it comes to getting in front of the f.b.i. let them do their investigation. it was reported in the "miriam herald" today -- miami herald" today. comment about the press. it's dangerous when you decide who is and is not a reporter. one that you would or would not deal with. when the dan rathertory broke about the documents being forged that was not because of intrepid reporter. take your pick of any of the big papers. it would be depicted as a blogger in the pajamas. he found that. stories pop up anywhere. journalists work for liberal or conservative newspapers or has conservative news editorial page. you bet every pay attention to all of them because where there is smoke there is fire. >> kimberly: as a smoke an
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1